Dentures: Advantages and Disadvantages Pertaining to Them

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dentures advantages and disadvantages pertaining to them

Missing teeth cause problems with both your appearance and overall oral health. Without our teeth, we struggle to chew and digest our food, as well as speak.

Furthermore, decaying and missing teeth increases the risk of gum disease. If you have missing teeth, then you want to consider getting dentures in Cooper City.

At Cooper Family Dentistry, we understand that the decision to get dentures is a big one, and the choices can be overwhelming. Our team has created this guide so that you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of dentures, the different types available, and alternative options.

Advantages of Dentures

  • Dentures provide a natural and confident appearance. They provide a cohesive look and provide you with a radiant smile. Dentures can even affect the appearance of your entire face. When you have missing teeth, your face can appear sunken in. Getting dentures near you will help your face appear fuller and livelier.
  • Dentures are an excellent option, even if you don’t have the healthiest jaw, teeth, or gums. Other restorative methods, such as dental bridges and implants, require healthy teeth and strong bones.
  • Dentures are easily maintained. Temporary dentures can be cleaned either inside or outside of the mouth and typically only require a rinse after meals. When you are not wearing your dentures, they can be easily stored in a glass of cool water. You should be sure to remove your dentures every night to allow your gums to rest and prevent soreness.

Disadvantages of Dentures

  • While effective, dentures do wear down and will need to be replaced as time goes on. Replacing dentures is an easier process than replacing other restorative treatments such as bridges or implants.
  • There are many procedures involved in getting dentures, and the process can be frustrating. Your dentist in Cooper City will have to make molds of your mouth, remove any decayed teeth, and ensure your dentures are fitted properly. You might have to deal with wearing temporary, uncomfortable dentures in-between visits to your dentist.
  • If you get removable dentures, they can cause some problems. You may find yourself with a set of loose dentures in Cooper City, or you may find that they are making loud, clacking noises that cause some embarrassment. If your dentures become loose, you may experience some soreness.

Different Kinds of Dentures

When most people picture dentures, they think of a row or two of false teeth. These are known as full dentures. Full dentures are made with an acrylic base attached to false teeth.

Cooper Family Dentistry also offers partial dentures near you. Partial dentures are ideal for individuals that still have several healthy teeth and only need some teeth replaced. Partial dentures attach to your natural teeth using abutments and are typically not as noticeable as full dentures. Patients who choose to get partial dentures in Cooper City often find that they cause minimal discomfort.

Alternative Options

If you are not entirely convinced that dentures are right for you or are worried about having to deal with loose dentures near you, then you may want to explore other options.

Dental Bridges: these fill the gap created by missing teeth using several false teeth stuck together and anchored to surrounding natural teeth.

Dental Implants: implants are made up of screws and dental crowns. These are surgically implanted into your jawbone and are a permanent solution to missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth and are wondering what the best option is to replace them, our dentist near you is happy to discuss the benefits, cost, and suitability of our restorative dentistry treatments. Please feel free to contact Cooper Family Dentistry today.