Important Things You Surely Didn’t Know About Dental Fillings

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important things you surely didn’t know about dental fillings

It’s crucial to have cavities filled as soon as possible since that little hole in your tooth could develop into a significant issue if it is not corrected. If you don’t, you run the danger of hurting your root system and losing a tooth to illness.

There are techniques that help safeguard your smile in ways you can feel good about, thanks to advancements in dentistry. There have also been some interesting facts concerning dental hygiene in the past. You might not be aware of a few features of these fillings. Here are a few essential things you should know before getting dental fillings in Cooper City.

Important Points You Should Consider

  • Certain fillings may cause allergic reactions in some people

In amalgam fillings, metals like nickel, beryllium, chromium, or mercury may be present. These ingredients may result in adverse impacts or allergic reactions in some individuals. The body’s delicate tissues may experience burns, swelling, or rashes as a result of the allergy. Remember that most people never encounter these side effects.

Composite fillings are produced of several materials and, as of this writing, have not been associated with any sensitivities or unfavorable side effects. Such fillings are probably a better option for you if you’ve had allergies like this before or are worried about the possibilities.

  • Softness of fillings compared to natural teeth

Despite advancements in dental fillings near you over the past few decades, fillings are smoother than the enamel of the tooth they are attached to. This implies that they might not be able to withstand the same biting and chewing forces as natural enamel. It is recommended to avoid chewing on anything hard when you have dental fillings, such as nuts, ice, or hard candies.

  • Some amalgam fillings may cause tooth discoloration

Even though fillings do help by halting the progression of tooth decay, some amalgam fillings may cause tooth tarnishing or discoloration, which might be an aesthetic concern if you’re a patient thinking about this kind of oral process. Your dentist near you may further recommend that you think about other fillings that do not have this possible adverse effect. Since this problem only affects silver amalgam fillings, you probably won’t need to think about it.

  • Some fillings call either contouring or wedging the entire tooth

In order to fill some cavities, the tooth may need to be wedged or otherwise modified from its natural shape. This may cause the tooth’s overall structure to deteriorate. This procedure is required when placing a filling on a tooth with severe decay that has already spread very far; ideally, a filling should be minimally invasive and not require it.

  • Most dental filling procedures are painless

Some individuals believe that getting dental fillings is a difficult and frightening process. Since the dentist in Cooper City employs a local anesthetic to anesthetize the space during the process, the dental filling process is typically painless for the majority of patients. In most cases, the discomfort has already decreased by the time the anesthetic wears off. Thus, if you anytime need to get dental fillings, you won’t have to worry about it hurting.

  • Fillings could result in extremely few tooth fissures

Dental fillings must be wedged into tiny holes that are drilled into the tooth since they lack adhesive to bind them to the enamel of your tooth and ensure that they stay fixed for many years. These minute fissures might serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, which might eventually cause more tooth decay. This type of tooth structural thinning may also result in the development of very small enamel fissures.

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