Pain While Wearing Your Dentures? Here’s Why!

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pain while wearing your dentures heres why

It may surprise you that denture pain is common among denture wearers. Typically, those who have poorly fitting dentures that slip around in the mouth will experience pain from the abrasion of dentures against their gums. Although there are many reasons for gum pain from dentures near you, improper fit is the leading cause of discomfort.

Pain Relief From Dentures

If you have gotten dentures in Cooper City and are experiencing pain, here are some recommendations to help ease your pain:

  • Remove your dentures to allow your gums to rest and inflammation to go down
  • Use denture cushions, creams, or adhesives to buffer the denture from rubbing against your gums
  • Consider denture relining and rebasing
  • Consider full denture implants

What is Denture Relining and Rebasing?

Sometimes, if your dentures have shifted from the correct position, they require relines. Not only do dentures relines improve the fit of your dentures, but they help them last for many years. A denture relining replaces the lining on your full or partial dentures in Cooper City so that they fit properly in your mouth. If you have dentures, you may have to get them relined on a regular basis to keep up with the changes occurring with your bone, tissue, and overall mouth structure.

Dental rebasing involves reprocessing your full or partial dentures near you in a lab by replacing the acrylic material with entirely new acrylic. This method is preferable when all the teeth in your dentures are in good condition, but the acrylic needs retouching.

What Are the Advantages of Denture Implants?

Denture implants in Cooper City are securely connected to titanium posts that are inserted into your jaw bone and attach to your custom-made dentures. The titanium posts act as your natural tooth root, holding the dentures in place and preventing movement and slippage. The result is a natural-looking, sturdy set of dentures that will not cause irritation to your gums.

Another benefit of choosing to get denture implants near you is that your palate will not be covered, and you will enjoy the natural flavour of food again.

For those who are interested in a permanent fix to sore dentures, denture implants may be the best solution.

Want to Learn More?

Dentures are a great way to restore your smile and bring back your speaking and chewing capabilities; however, they are not without their flaws. If you notice pain with your dentures, you should seek help from a dentist as soon as possible.

Dentures are meant to enhance your quality of life, not lower it. If you have recently gotten dentures but are finding them uncomfortable due to a poor fit, don’t hesitate to speak to our team of dental professionals at Cooper City Family Dentistry.

When you come into our dental office for denture pain, our dentist near you will examine your mouth and provide you with options to rectify the problem. We offer denture relining and rebasing to help patients with denture pain. If you are interested in getting a more permanent dental restoration, such as denture implants, our dentist in Cooper City is happy to discuss the procedure with you. No matter the case, your oral health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us at Cooper City Family Dentistry; if you are in pain, don’t wait to contact us and book a consultation today!