Dental Crowns Near You

Misshapen, cracked, or damaged teeth? A dental crown can restore your healthy, natural smile. The friendly team skilled dentists at Cooper City Family Dentistry creates custom-designed crowns near you that look and feel like your natural teeth. Achieve the smile you deserve by calling today or scheduling a consultation online.

dental crowns in Cooper City

What is a crown?

A dental crown is a natural-looking prosthetic tooth placed over a damaged tooth. Crowns are a solution to provide you a natural-looking smile while restoring the function, size, and strength of your tooth.

Dental crowns in Cooper City, FL 33330 cover the visible portion of your tooth. The cap is cemented in place for durable and lasting results.

Why would I need a crown?

Your dentist recommends a crown when your tooth is broken, decayed, or worn down. Crowns near you have several other uses, including:

  • Protecting and supporting a tooth with a sizeable filling
  • Protecting your tooth after root canal therapy
  • Covering a dental implant

Crowns also can hold a dental bridge or another prosthetic device in place.

What is a crown made of?

Dental crowns are made out of certain materials compatible with your body, including:

  • Gold
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain

Each of these materials comes with advantages and disadvantages. The best way to determine which material is appropriate for you is to see a member of the dentistry team at Cooper City Family Dentistry.

What is the process of receiving a crown?

Your dentist preps your tooth for a crown by making it the appropriate size, either by filling it down or filling it. They take an impression of your teeth and gums and send this information to a dental lab.

They fit you with a temporary crown to wear until your permanent crown is made. On your next visit, your dentist removes the temporary crown and cements your new permanent crown in place.

Will my crown look natural?

Your dentist takes great care to make sure the dental crown near you looks like a natural tooth. That’s why they take an impression — to make sure your crown fits naturally in your mouth. They also design the crown to match the shape, shade, and length of your surrounding natural teeth.

If you have misshapen or damaged teeth, a dental crown in Cooper City, FL 33330 can provide you a great-looking, healthy smile. To learn if a crown is right for you, call today or schedule a consultation online with the experts in restorative dentistry at our dental clinic near you.