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A painful or discolored tooth is a common sign of infection, but you can save your tooth — and natural smile — with a root canal at Cooper City Family Dentistry in Cooper City, Florida. The treatment is performed in one visit while your mouth is numbed to prevent any pain. Safeguard your smile today by calling or booking a consultation online.

Root Canals Q & A

What leads to tooth loss?

Your teeth are made of four dental tissues. The hard dental tissues are your:

  • Enamel: hard outer coating
  • Dentin: hard covering underneath the enamel
  • Cementum: hard substance covering your tooth root

The fourth tissue is the pulp at the center of your tooth. It contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Sometimes, the pulp gets damaged or infected. Then the nerve in your tooth dies, which can lead to tooth loss without proper treatment, such as a root canal.

What are the signs my tooth nerve has died?

Common signs of an infected or injured tooth nerve include:

  • Severe pain in your teeth or gums
  • A discolored tooth
  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity
  • Swelling or tenderness in your lymph nodes under your jaw

In these cases, it’s best to see a dentist at Cooper City Family Dentistry right away to see about saving your tooth with a root canal. 

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy helps save infected or damaged teeth from extraction. During this routine, safe, and relatively pain-free procedure, your dentist removes the diseased pulp inside your tooth. They seal your tooth permanently with a dental crown.  

What are the steps in a root canal?

Your dentist at Cooper City Family Dentistry begins by numbing your mouth, then creates an opening at the top of your tooth to access the pulp inside. They clean out the infected tissues and fill the opening with rubber-like dental material to seal the root canals. 

Your dentist finishes by applying a crown over the treated tooth. In some cases, your dentist may need to install a post to hold the crown securely in place. They discuss the steps of your treatment prior to your root canal.

The root canal saves your tooth, resulting in a fully restored smile.

Does a root canal hurt?

You should feel little to no pain. Your dentist numbs your mouth so you feel comfortable during the procedure. Your root canal should relieve any pain caused by your diseased or damaged tooth. 

If you’re worried a tooth is infected, the team at Cooper City Family Dentistry can help save your tooth with a root canal to protect your natural smile. Call today or book a consultation online.

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