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If stains, gaps, or chips in your teeth make you self-conscious, the team of dentists at Cooper City Family Dentistry provides porcelain veneers that will have you smiling again. Veneers are long-lasting and stain-resistant. If you’re ready to cover imperfections and reveal a beautiful smile, call today or book a consultation online with the practice in Cooper City, Florida.

Veneers Q & A

What are veneers?

Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry solution to create a perfect-looking smile. The treatment can mask a variety of common imperfections in your teeth, such as:

  • Stained teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Crooked teeth 
  • Worn-down teeth

Veneers are custom-made thin, ceramic shells. The shells consist of durable porcelain and are designed to look just like a natural tooth. The veneer is bonded to your existing teeth in a minimally invasive procedure to completely transform your smile. 

Why are veneers so popular?

Veneers are a lasting solution for a gleaming, picture-perfect smile. Not only do they create a natural tooth appearance that makes your smile look more beautiful than ever before, but they are also made out of stain-resistant porcelain. 

Porcelain does not absorb stains from coffee, tea, or cigarette smoke. With veneers, your smile remains white and stain-free for many years to come.

How do I get veneers?

Your dentist at Cooper City Family Dentistry discusses your desired results and the kind of veneers that are appropriate for you during your initial visit. You consider the number of teeth you’d like made-over with veneers.

Your dentist preps your teeth by removing around 1 millimeter or less of tooth enamel from the surface of your existing teeth. They then take a mold of your teeth. This mold is used to create your custom veneers at a dental lab. Creating the veneers takes about two weeks.

Once they’re ready, your dentist custom-fits the veneers onto your teeth at your follow-up appointment. Your dentist attaches the veneer with dental cement, which is hardened with a special light source. This process creates a secure bond between the veneer and your tooth.

Afterward, you can begin enjoying your new veneers, treating them just like your regular teeth. However, your dentist at Cooper City Family Dentistry may suggest using nonabrasive toothpaste. 

Do veneers make my teeth sensitive?

Your teeth may feel a bit sensitive to hot or cold after you get your veneers. The feeling typically disappears within a few weeks.

If you’re ready for a beautiful, natural-looking smile with dental veneers, contact the team at Cooper City Family Dentistry today by calling or scheduling a consultation online.

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