Why Is It Important for You to Know About Dental Cavities?

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why is it important for you to know about dental cavities

Most of us think of dental cavities as just another dental problem, but they are painful and can lead to more dental issues if they are not treated quickly.

Formation of Dental Cavities

The formation of dental cavities is crucial to preventing their onset and progression. Let’s delve deeper into the stages of cavity formation. Plaque is very sticky so that germs can live in it and our mouths. Plaque has the right stuff for germs to grow in it. It has spit, bits of food, and other things in it. It forms in spots like these:

  • Back teeth with chips, cracks, pits, or grooves
  • In between teeth
  • Around tooth crowns or fillings
  • Not far from the gum line

These bacteria take sugar and carbs from our food and turn them into acids. The acids then break down the minerals in the enamel. As soon as this happens, the enamel wears away, making pits. Initially, the pits are smaller, but over time, they get bigger. 

After the top wears away, the acids move deeper into the tooth and destroy the dentin. Cavities will start to form now that the enamel and dentin have been worn down.

If you have a cavity, you should always fix it immediately because bacteria can do more damage. More acids will be made, seeping into the tooth’s inner layer. This is a significant problem because it could damage the tooth root, meaning the tooth must be pulled out.

Detecting Dental Cavities

Initially, it may be hard to tell if someone has cavities because they might not show any apparent signs. In the later stages, when the decay has gone through the enamel, you will feel pain and soreness in your teeth.

Diagnosis of Dental Cavities

The dentist will use Explorer whenever you visit the nearby clinic to look for holes. It may not happen very often, but your dentist may need to use some force to poke a hole in the enamel so they can go deeper.

According to the plan, X-rays will be taken to see if tooth decay worsens. You can also find out if the pulp is damaged and if you need root canal treatment.

Cavities in teeth can be fixed if they are found early, but they can’t be fixed after the enamel has been worn away. How long the treatment lasts depends on how bad the holes are.

Preventing Dental Cavities:

Anyone can get cavities in their teeth. For the prevention of dental cavities,

brushing and cleaning your teeth daily is the best way. When you brush your teeth, make sure you floss, too. Cut back on sour drinks and foods high in sugar and starch. 

Your Smile, Our Priority!

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Because we think you’re unique, we take the time to understand your worries and mouth health goals. Our Cooper City family dentist cares about our patients. 

If you want to get rid of dental cavities near you, please call us today to find out how we can help you reach your goals for good oral health.