Can a Dental Bridge Be Taken Out and Replaced?

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can a dental bridge be taken out and replaced

Our dentist in Cooper City often recommends dental bridges to people who suffer from gaps in their smiles. They enhance the appearance of your smile, improve your ability to chew and speak, and keep your face from collapsing all at the same time. 

However, it is normal to worry about the solution’s adaptability and durability, just like with any other dental treatment. The question of whether a dental bridge may be removed and restored is commonly discussed. Let’s delve more into this subject and look at the many options.

Before discussing the removal and replacement of dental bridges, it is necessary to understand them. A dental bridge is a custom-made appliance composed of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap (abutment teeth) and a false tooth or teeth (pontic) in between. The anchoring function of the abutment teeth is to hold the bridge in position.

Can a Dental Bridge Be Removed?

Normally, dental bridges are intended to be permanent solutions. They are cemented onto the abutment teeth and are not intended for routine removal. However, there are some instances in which a bridge may need to be removed. For example:

  • Damage or Wear: If the bridge is damaged or shows symptoms of deterioration over time, a dentist may need to remove and replace it.
  • Dental Issues: Removing the bridge may be necessary to address the underlying issue if there are issues with the supporting teeth or tissues. 
  • Patient Preference: Occasionally, a patient may prefer to replace a conventional bridge with a more up-to-date and practical option, like dental implants.

The Process of Removing and Replacing a Dental Bridge


Your dentist near you will evaluate the condition of the existing bridge and abutment teeth to determine if replacement is necessary.


The old bridge will be removed in a cautious manner. Detaching it from the abutment tooth may require drilling and grinding.

Temporary Solution

While a new bridge is being fabricated, your dentist might offer a temporary filling to preserve your oral health and appearance.


For the purpose of fabricating a new, customized dental bridge near you, impressions of your teeth will be collected.

Fitting the New Bridge

When the new bridge is ready for installation, it will go through a careful fitting and adjustment process.


The new bridge will be attached to the abutment teeth with permanent cement, ensuring the bridge’s resilience and endurance.

What to Expect

A dental bridge replacement is a straightforward process, and your dentist will take every measure to ensure that you are relaxed and happy with the outcome. You may experience some soreness or sensitivity after the replacement, but this will subside in a few days.

Despite the possibility of restoring a dental bridge, some people decide to have dental implants placed in place of their missing teeth. In order to offer a strong base for a crown, bridge, or denture, dental implants can be surgically implanted into the jawbone. Implants, in contrast to bridges, do not require the use of adjacent teeth as support, which helps to maintain oral health.

Remember to discuss the possibility of removing and replacing your dental bridge with your dentist in order to receive customized guidance and advice regarding the suitability of this course of action for your specific case. Your dental bridge’s lifespan can be increased, and the need for replacement can be avoided if you maintain it properly and have routine checkups with your dentist.

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