Partial Dentures Near You

If you have plenty of healthy teeth left in your mouth, full dentures may not sound like the right tooth replacement option for you. Fortunately, Cooper City Family Dentistry offers partial dentures near you to those who only want to replace some of their teeth, without reducing the ones they already have. To find out if you’re a good candidate for partial dentures, call Cooper City Family Dentistry or schedule an appointment online.

partial dentures in Cooper City

What are partial dentures?

Similar to full dentures, partial dentures are artificial teeth that are attached to a plastic, gum-colored base. Because they only replace some of the teeth in your mouth, partial dentures are often connected to the metal framework or natural-looking connectors that hold them in place. They are completely removable and can be expanded to include additional artificial teeth down the line.

Why should I choose partial dentures over a fixed bridge?

Partial dentures in Cooper City, FL 33330 can be removed for easy cleaning, unlike a fixed bridge, which is a permanent addition to your mouth. These removable dentures are especially helpful if you suffer from gum disease or tooth decay.

While you typically need healthy anchor teeth to support a fixed bridge, partial dentures near you are connected to the framework, so they are ideal if your teeth are not strong enough to support a bridge.

Your partial denture can also be expanded to support more artificial teeth if the Cooper City Family Dentistry team determines that you will likely need to replace additional teeth in the future.

How are partial dentures made?

The team takes detailed measurements of your mouth and jaw to serve as a model for your custom-made partial dentures. With the team’s skill level, experience, and cutting-edge technology, they can create a set of partial dentures near you that fit your mouth perfectly.

Once the team fits you for your customized partial dentures, they make any necessary adjustments to ensure your new teeth feel snug and comfortable. Over time, you may need further adjustments to keep your dentures in the best shape possible. If you feel like your dentures don’t feel as snug as they used to, contact your dentist right away.

For more information on the benefits of partial dentures in Cooper City, FL 33330 call or schedule an appointment online today.