Minimal Sedation Near You

Fears and anxieties about the dentist keep patients from seeking the dental care they need to maintain a healthy, vibrant smile. If you fear going to the dentist, the team at our dental clinic offers minimal sedation near you to help you relax during your next visit. Sedation dentistry in Cooper City, FL 33330 doesn’t always put you to sleep, but it does dull your senses enough that you can develop a better relationship with your dentist.

Minimal Sedation

minimal sedation in Cooper City

What is minimal sedation in dentistry?

The licensed denturists and dentists at Cooper City Family Dentistry provide oral medication that helps you relax during your dental visit. Unlike alternative sedative options, minimal sedation near you does not put you to sleep and instead helps you relax in your dentist’s chair. Because the team uses oral medication for their sedation purposes, you never have to worry about needles.

With a little help from minimal sedation in Cooper City, FL 33330 your senses are dulled, so you won’t experience any of the pain, noises, or smells that may be stopping you from relaxing during your visit. Over time, oral sedation can even help you develop a better relationship with your dentist.

Which minimal sedation benefits should I consider?

There are plenty of reasons to ask the Cooper City Family Dentistry team about your minimal sedation options. You may want to consider minimal sedation near you if you:

  • Have a very low pain tolerance
  • Have a phobia of the dentist
  • Are highly sensitive to certain noises or smells
  • Need extensive dental work
  • Have extremely sensitive teeth or gums
  • Are scared of needles and shots

Minimal sedation is especially helpful if you know your appointment is going to be longer than a routine visit. The oral medications that Cooper City Family Dentistry uses at their office may dull your senses to the point that your visit feels much shorter than it actually is.

What can I expect from minimal sedation?

The team typically administers your pill approximately one hour prior to the procedure to ensure that you have enough time to relax and unwind. While oral sedation makes you feel drowsy, you’ll still be awake and aware of your surroundings, so you are still in control.

Throughout the procedure, you are constantly taken care of and monitored, and you should feel your anxiety slip away. While the medication does wear off shortly after your visit, the Cooper City Family Dentistry team advises bringing a caregiver, parent, or friend to drive you home, so you can rest without worry.

Your comfort is the team’s top priority. To find out if minimal sedation in Cooper City, FL 33330 is right for you, call or schedule an appointment online today.