Effectively replace missing teeth with dental implants.

When it comes to ensuring that your mouth is as healthy as possible, we can’t do it alone. That’s why we have our friend MoonRay. MoonRay is our 3D printer that we use to fabricate tooth models and surgical guides. MoonRay allows us to not only create those custom dental parts and guides, it allows us to do it with speed and precision, delivering our patients a faster and more comfortable dental experience. Rather than waiting for surgical guides, night guards, denture bases, the 3D printer enables us to expedite the process by printing these and more, ourselves.

3d printer technology in Cooper City

In addition to MoonRay, we also have a Trios 3 Shape intraoral scanner that we can use instead of taking an impression or mold. This completely wireless product allows us to create impressions with remarkable speed, resulting in a more pleasant office experience. The device allows us to provide better preventative care to our patients while also having the ability to show them a detailed look at what their future smile will look like. Additionally, it can simulate the progression of orthodontic treatment with the 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator.

Come see us at Cooper City Family Dentistry and let us show you how the latest in technological advances can help you achieve that perfectly healthy smile you have always been looking for. Contact us today to learn more.